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Sun, Jun. 11th, 2006, 06:29 pm

So today was my first day of work.
From 12 to 5, I slaved over groceries and "unvoluntarily" pushed around carts for two hours in the heat.

On the bright side, I made $60.00 and I met this dude Dominic, he helped me with the carts for a little while, he's like 23 or something, really cute with a lip piercing, and a bunch of old female cashiers haha. I'm soooooooo tired haha, my feet, hands, and back hurt, but it will all be worth it for July 22, the CRUISE.

I'm going on a 7-day cruise called the "Norwegian Dawn", to the Bahamas and Bermuda. A five star rated ship.

So at least, I'll have a lot of money for the summer. And from then on for the Spain/Portugal trip.

Mon, Jun. 5th, 2006, 01:14 pm

I just made my down payment for Portugal and Spain in February for EP.
That's right, I'm not going to La Salle.
I decided not to.
I know I COULD. But I have so much involved with Chorus at EP.
Chorus ensamble, Annie the Musical sophmore year, the Portugal/Spain concerts/trip, Meistersingers, and even Senior Allstate. Plus all honors classes. So much. So yea, but my friends at EP are all happy haha.


I lost 10 pounds.
Got a job at Stop and Shop. I start this Saturday =)))))

Wed, May. 24th, 2006, 01:14 pm

I was really sick this past week.
I stayed home on Tuesday, only to end the day with a good cup of nyquil and a nice sleep.
So like, I'm at school right now.
It seems to be the only time I actually update LJ haha.

Danielle went to the KISS concert at the tweeter center on Saturday.
I AM SOOOOOOO JEALOUS. Teddy Geiger (my future husband) was there.
She said he wasn't even that good, so I died inside. Obviously the girl can't respect beautiful acoustic music.

Lili would be so proud of me, I finally figured out how to use the RIPTA bus, Danielle and I are going on Saturday to the Providence Place Mall at like 12. But I take the Rumford bus #35 from stop and shop over to Kennedy Plaza. Walk over to the mall, then take the bus back home. Should be fun and adventurous-ish. :]

Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 09:42 am

My Livejournal is now private, well for "Friend's Only" because I have some private stuff in this journal, and I don't want the whole world reading it. Maybe just part of my world, my friends.